Training Site Supervisors in the management of sites using recycled water at South Bay Water Recycling in San Jose, California.  The primary purpose of these training sessions is to prevent cross-connection and backflow of recycled water into the community’s potable water supply network.  Bahman Sheikh has provided training to several thousand site supervisors.

  Filter Loading Study for Water Reuse (FLEWR) study team at the University of California Berkeley campus before one of the regular team meetings.  August 10, 2005

L –R Jim Crook, Bob Cooper, Bob Holden, Kara Nelson,  Gordon Williams, Tom Kouretas, Bahman Sheikh

FLEWR team and project advisory committee members at a site inspection event at the Monterey Regional Water Pollution Control Agency’s regional treatment plant.  April 22, 2004

FLEWR team members and their spouses celebrating the successful end of the project in Berkeley, California. 

April 10, 2009.  ® 

  On a Tunisian rooftop during a break from a conference on feasibility of transfer of recycled water from Northern Tunisia to the Southern agricultural area of the country.  L to R:  John Anderson, Charlotte Burchard, Bahman Sheikh, Jim Crook, Akissa Bahri.

Participants at a Middle-East/North Africa Water Reuse workshop in Tunis sponsored by the USDA in 2006 .