Bahman sheikh water reuse consulting

Bahman Sheikh Water Reuse Consulting

Value:  $85,000

May 2018-December 2019

Recent clients are listed below, with a brief description of services provided in each project. More detailed descriptions of client projects going back further into the past are presented in Reports, Presentations

Text Box: Bhman Sheikh completed an investigation of  the potential for increasing water recycling in the State of Hawai`i by 30 million gallons per day by the year 2030.  The year-long project involved stakeholder participation in three major workshops  where alternative approaches and strategies were presented and evaluated.

Client: Hawai`i Community Foundation

Value:  $150,000


As joint-venture partner with Kennedy/Jenks Engineers, prepared master plan for development of recycled water project on the Eastside of San Francisco.  Customers include dual-plumbed buildings prepared for switching to recycled water for toilet flushing and landscapes switching to recycled water for irrigation.

Text Box: Client: San Francisco Pubic Utilities Commission

Value: $10,000


Text Box: Investigation of impacts of upcoming Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) requirements on farmers irrigating with recycled water.  As FSMA is gradually implemented over the coming decade, findings of this study will assist farmers in their efforts to comply with the new regulations as they grow crops for human consumption.

Client: Water Research Foundation

Value: $225,000


Investigation of impediments and Incentives to agricultural use of recycled water. Bahman Sheikh led a team of ten researchers from California, Colorado, Australia, Israel and Japan  researching challenges to use of recycled water for agriculture and remedies to overcome them.

Client: Water Research Foundation

Value:  $55,000


Preparation of documentation to provide the basis for the Colorado public health and water quality assurance authorities to consider allowing more widespread uses of highly-treated recycled water, especially for irrigation of edible crops.

Client: Denver Water

Value:  $50,000


Served on a multi-discipline consultant team planning a potable reuse project involving injection of highly treated recycled water into the Seaside Aquifer, as part of a multi-faceted water supply plan for the future of Monterey Peninsula.

Client: Monterey One Water

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