Bahman sheikh water reuse consulting

Bahman Sheikh Water Reuse Consulting

Bahman Sheikh completed a study that resulted in strategic recommendations  for the State of Hawai`i in order to achieve its goal of increasing recycled water use by 30 MGD by 2030.

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Bahman Sheikh is a water reuse specialist, with over 30 years of experience in all aspects of water recycling.  His independent consulting services are available to public agencies and consulting organizations alike. 

Dr. Sheikh is committed to objective, accurate, and thorough analysis of issues facing clients, with an eye toward development of innovative solutions that enable maximum utilization of their recycled water resource in a sustainable, economic and efficient manner.

For references from past and current clients, please refer to the list of clients.  Specific client references with telephone numbers, addresses and emails will be supplied upon request.


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Bahman Sheikh provides the following professional services:

· Master planning for short-term and long-term water recycling in large and small communities (e. g., City of Los Angeles, community of Los Osos).

· Legislative initiatives and regulatory compliance for safe and efficient use of reclaimed water (e. g., revision of Egyptian, Jordanian, Kuwaiti, Tunisian water reclamation regulations)

· Support of design of water reuse projects, from treatment to storage to distribution to site retrofits and start-up (e. g., West Basin Municipal Water District).

· Interface with regulatory authorities, interpretation of regulations and requirements (e. g., Central Contra Costa Water District)

· Peer review of proposed plans, guidelines, regulations, standards for water reuse (peer review of Master Plan for Recycled Water System  in the City of Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia prepared by Fichtner)

· Evaluation of water quality for intended uses of recycled water, especially for agriculture and landscape irrigation (e. g., San Francisco Public Utilities Commission’s Eastside Water Recycling Project Planning)

· Training recycled water site supervisors (City of San Jose, Coachella Valley Water District, Redwood City, San Diego County Water Authority)

· Pilot water reuse projects for innovative applications, in new sites, and under unusual circumstances (e. g., Monterey Wastewater Reclamation Study for Agriculture (MWRSA))

· Research in interdisciplinary technical areas requiring assembly of data from a variety of credible and authoritative sources (e.g., Filter Loading Evaluation for Water Reuse (FLEWR))

· Legal support services related to water reuse issues, including case review, claims analysis, expert testimony, technical support (e. g., Olympic Club, Lake Merced Golf Club, San Francisco Golf Club)

· Gray water policy, regulation, research, pilot testing for use in landscape irrigation, toilet flushing, etc., and its potential applicability and safety in specific situations (e. g., “White Paper on Graywater”, prepared for WateReuse Association; Graywater Pilot Project for City of Los Angeles)

· Water conservation planning, drought management, emergency water supply (e. g., City of Chula Vista, USAID-Jordan)

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