Bahman Sheikh, PhD, PE

Water Resources and Reuse Specialist

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Oak Park Cemetery in San Jose is irrigated with recycled water from the South Bay Water Recycling system.

Silver Creek Golf Course is another SBWR recycled water customer.

Irrigation of strawberries with recycled water in the northern Monterey County area was not part of the original plan, because of the sensitivity of strawberries to salt.  Sustained high yields are produced in these fertile soils, the slightly higher salt concentrations in recycled water notwithstanding. 


Bahman Sheikh provides independent, specialized consulting services to public and private clients for planned and ongoing water recycling projects, primarily in California, as well as in 20+ countries around the world.  He served as Board member of WateReuse Association and WateReuse Research Foundation .  Sheikh currently serves on the Research Advisory Board of the National Water Research Institute and is Senior Advisor to the Prince Khaled Chair for Water Research at King Saud University in Saudi Arabia. 

1989-Date.  Independent Consultant.  Client projects include master planning, assisting with decision-making (e.g., potable vs. non-potable water reuse), feasibility analysis, fields and laboratory research, economic evaluation, interface with regulatory agencies, preparation of RFPs and related documents, evaluation of proposals, and training of water recycling site supervisors.  Sheikh also consults through international and local consulting organizations.  Most recently, he assisted with water reuse regulatory reforms for Jordan and Egypt in USAID-funded projects.  He provided water reuse and biosolids utilization components of a major wastewater management project for the City of Gaza in the Palestinian Territory.  For the City of Hyderabad, India, he reviewed a master plan for water reuse, and drafted a public information brochure to increase public acceptance.  Sheikh investigated the economic impacts of salt additions to the recycled water system of South Bay Water Recycling for the City of San José, California.  He compared the benefits and costs of various water use efficiency measures—recycled water, gray water, water conservation—for the City of Chula Vista.  He compared the economics of seawater desalination with recycled water and gray water for Marin Municipal Water District.  For the City of Los Angeles, he directed the Office of Water Reclamation for five years during the 1990s drought.  He served as policy specialist in water recycling for West Basin Municipal Water District.

1987-1989 CH2MHill San Francisco Regional Office.  Civil/Environmental Engineer. Directed and managed water reuse projects and contributed senior review and specialized expertise to the firm’s water reclamation projects.  Sheikh participated in developing a master sewerage plan for the City of Ankara, Turkey, population 4 million, where he applied an electronic model of the wastewater collection system for the City to assess alternatives. 

1970-1987 Engineering-Science, Inc. (now a Parsons unit).  Manager, Environmental Studies. He was Project Director and oversaw the work of several project managers and engineers performing assignments on a variety of environmental engineering projects for diverse private and public sector clients.  He planned, directed, and completed the landmark “Monterey Wastewater Reclamation Study for Agriculture” (MWRSA).

REGISTRATION:          Professional Engineer, Civil, California: C 26633


Ph.D., Soil Physics (Soil-Water Relations), University of California, Davis

M.S., Water Science and Engineering, University of California, Davis

Pomona College (Interdisciplinary Studies in Liberal Arts), Claremont, CA

B.Sc., Agricultural Engineering, American University of Beirut, Lebanon



· Declared Life Member of WateReuse Association by the Board of Directors, September 2013

· Certificate of Appreciation, San Diego County Water Authority, May 11, 2011

· Senior Advisor to Prince Khaled bin Sultan Water Research Chair (PKC) at King Saud University, 2009

· Distinguished Fellow, Center for Integrated Water Research, University of California Santa Cruz, 2007

· Resolution of Appreciation, Monterey Regional Water Pollution control Agency, 2004

· Outstanding Service Award, Associate Member, WateReuse Association, 2002

· President’s Leadership Award, WateReuse Association, 2002

· Recognized by City of Los Angeles City Council, 1994

· Recognized by City of Los Angeles Board of Public Works, 1994

· Elected to Board of Directors, WateReuse Association, 1993

· Integrated Resource Management Award, Water Policy Conference III, 1993

· Outstanding Service Award, WateReuse Association of California, 1991



Distinguished Fellow, University of California, Santa Cruz—Center for Integrated Water Research

King Saud University, Riyadh, KSA—Advisor to Prince Khaled bin Sultan Chair for Water Research

WateReuse Research Foundation (Board of Directors member 2000-2007)

WateReuse Association (board of Directors member 1990-2000)

National Water Research Institute Research Advisory Board (RAB Board member since 1993)

Water Environment Federation

California Water Environment Association




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