Bahman sheikh water reuse consulting

Bahman Sheikh Water Reuse Consulting

Photographic Record of Bahman Sheikh’s participation in selected International water reuse forums

In May 2014, a scientific forum at the University of Miami reviewed the first on-site direct potable reuse project.   This DPR project is sited at a residential facility for university students.  Forum participants included Prof. James Englehardt (PI), Prof. George Tchobanoglous, Prof. Kara Nelson, and Mark LeChevallier.  Mr. Petrus DuPisani travelled from Windhoek, Namibia to bring the experience gained at the longest-running DPR project in the world to this, the newest and the smallest, on-site DPR.

Training Site Supervisors in the management of sites using recycled water at South Bay Water Recycling in San Jose, California.  The primary purpose of these training sessions is to prevent cross-connection and backflow of recycled water into the community’s potable water supply network.  Bahman Sheikh has provided training to several thousand site supervisors.

 Filter Loading Study for Water Reuse (FLEWR) study team at the University of California Berkeley campus before one of the regular team meetings.  August 10, 2005.


L –R Jim Crook, Bob Cooper, Bob Holden, Kara Nelson,  Gordon Williams, Tom Kouretas, Bahman Sheikh

FLEWR team and project advisory committee members at a site inspection event at the Monterey Regional Water Pollution Control Agency’s regional treatment plant.  April 22, 2004

FLEWR team members and their spouses celebrating the successful end of the project in Berkeley, California. 

April 10, 2009. 

 On a Tunisian rooftop during a break from a conference on feasibility of transfer of recycled water from Northern Tunisia to the Southern agricultural area of the country.  L to R:  John Anderson, Charlotte Burchard, Bahman Sheikh, Jim Crook, Akissa Bahri.

Participants at a Middle-East/North Africa Water Reuse workshop in Tunis sponsored by the USDA in 2006 .

 Visitors from San Luis Obispo County after a tour of farms in Monterey, growing food crops irrigated with recycled water.  The recycled water is “disinfected tertiary” as defined by the California Department of Public Health—signifying a level of safety unsurpassed by any other kind of irrigation water typically used by farmers.   The recycled water is produced by Monterey Regional Water Pollution Control Agency.  Visitors have come to Monterey to witness recycled water use on raw-eaten food crops from foreign countries (Australia, Spain, Tunisia, Jordan, Egypt, China, Japan), many US States (Florida, Oregon, Washington, Texas) and numerous California communities.

Collaborative Research Forum in Girona, Spain.  On September 30, 2011, researchers from the University of California Santa Cruz, King Saud University in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, University of Barcelona, Spain, and their affiliates and advisers gathered for a day of technical presentations and exploration of the potential for future collaborative research.  From Left to right:  Bahman Sheikh, Prof. Juan Jofre, Prof. Waleed Zahid, Prof. Rafael Mujeriego, Amber Kuss, Ryujiro Tsuchihashi, Mark Millan, Prof. Brent Haddad, and Lluis Sala.

UN-FAO-sponsored  Study Tour of the United States water recycling facilities serving agriculture, Jan-Feb 2014.  The tour spanned water reclamation facilities in Florida, California, and Washington, DC.  In this picture, participants are inspecting one of many rapid infiltration basins (RIBs) operated by CONSERV II, near Orlando, Florida.  During periods when reclaimed water is not needed for agricultural irrigation, it is infiltrated into these basins for recharge of the groundwater aquifers for unrestricted uses. 

Second  Forum on Biological Treatment of Wastewater for Water Reuse , held at King Saud University , Riyadh, KSA,

May 15-16, 2011

UNESCO_Sponsored Water Security in Urban Settlements conference in Tehran, Iran.

Left-to-Right: Bahman Sheikh, Ali Chavoshian, Johannes Buckle, Bruno Nguyen, Hossein Ashktorab, Niloofar Sadeghi, Park Tae-jin,

May 2017

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