Bahman sheikh water reuse consulting

Bahman Sheikh Water Reuse Consulting


Over the last three decades, Dr. Sheikh has been honored by clients and professional organizations with awards of appreciation and recognition, a sampling of which is presented below. For a more complete and updated list of honors bestowed upon Bahman Sheikh, see his resume.

Vision and Leadership

At Gordon Cologne Award, WateReuse Association, California Chapter, March 19, 2019. This award was presented to the pioneers who established the Association and nurtured it from its formation and early growth stages to the present time.


Outstanding Professional Service

Was awarded a Certificate of Appreciation by San Diego County Water authority and the San Diego Chapter of WateReuse Association for training over 700 recycled water site supervisors in the County from 2007 to  2011.

Valuable Participation

The Government of Kuwait awarded a certificate of appreciation to Bahman Sheikh for his contributions to water reuse development in the State of Kuwait, one of the driest in the world.

Honorary Lifetime Membership

At its 28th Symposium, WateReuse Association honored Bahman Sheikh by declaring him Honorary Lifetime Member of the Association on September 16, 2013.

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Dr. Sheikh was selected for the Outstanding Service Award by WateReuse Association at its annual symposium in  2002

The sign below, photographed in July 2018 in the town of Dunsmuir, California, is indicative of the pride in the purity of water abundantly available in that northern California community. As climate change and population growth increasingly stress available water supplies, it will become prudent—indeed necessary—to stop flushing with “the best water on earth” and to switch to recycled water, which is plenty adequate in quality for that purpose. 

¨ Declared Life Member of WateReuse Association by the Board of Directors, September 2013


¨ Certificate of Appreciation, San Diego County Water Authority, May 11, 2011


¨ Senior Advisor to Prince Khaled bin Sultan Water Research Chair (PKC) at King Saud University, 2009


¨ Distinguished Fellow, Center for Integrated Water Research, University of California Santa Cruz, 2007


¨ Resolution of Appreciation, Monterey Regional Water Pollution control Agency (Later Renamed Monterey One Water), 2004


¨ Outstanding Service Award, Associate Member, WateReuse Association, 2002


¨ President’s Leadership Award, WateReuse Association, 2002


¨ Recognized by City of Los Angeles City Council, 1994


¨ Recognized by City of Los Angeles Board of Public Works, 1994


¨ Elected to Board of Directors, WateReuse Association, 1993


¨ Integrated Resource Management Award, Water Policy Conference III, 1993


¨ Outstanding Service Award, WateReuse Association of California, 1991

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