Bahman sheikh water reuse consulting

Bahman Sheikh Water Reuse Consulting

International experience

Australia—Peer Review of National Water Recycling Guidelines

Bahrain—Agricultural reuse of tertiary recycled water

Bonaire—Landscape irrigation with recycled water, Control of Nitrogen (for the European Community Fund for Development through Dorsch Consult)

Egypt—Center of Excellence for Water Research (for University of California Santa Cruz)

Egypt—Reviewed and Proposed Reform of water reuse code (for USAID)

Georgia Republic—River pollution cleanup and water reuse (for Monterey One Water)

India—Water conservation strategies for Faridabad, Jaipur, and Pune (for USAID)

India—Water reuse in Hyderabad and Nagpur (for USAID)

Israel—Evaluation of treatment system for water reuse (for USAID)

Jordan—Recycled water for industrial facilities currently extracting over-drafted groundwater

Jordan—Several water reuse projects over past 30 years (for USAID)

Korea—Environmental assessment and mitigation

Kuwait—Evaluation of water reuse regulations and recommendations for their reform

Kuwait—Reclaimed water use for greenery (landscape irrigation)

Mexico—Evaluation of potable reuse via groundwater recharge

Morocco—Agricultural reuse of secondary effluent

Palestinian Authority—Gaza water reuse and biosolids composting  (for the German Fund for Reconstruction through Dorsch Consult)

Peru—Treatment standards for water reuse

Saudi Arabia—Master plan for Riyadh water reuse

Sri Lanka—Water conservation planning

Syria—Agricultural reuse of effluent

Tunisia—Water reuse in national water supply mix

Turkey—Modeling of collection system for Ankara

United Arab Emirates—training staff in Dubai and Abu Dhabi for delivery of recycled water—TSE, as it is commonly called in the Gulf states

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