Bahman Sheikh’s Most Recent Awards and Accomplishments:

· September 2016: Bahman Sheikh was commissioned to perform a study of the potential for use of recycled water in the industrial/commercial sector in Jordan as part of a five-year USAID-sponsored project called Water Management Initiative (WMI).

· June, 2016: RMC Water & Environment , in association with Bahman Sheikh, was awarded a WE&RF research project to investigate use of recycled water to recharge groundwater on agricultural lands during the dormant or fallow periods.

· January 2016: WateReuse Research Foundation awarded Bahman Sheikh a research grant for “State of Irrigated Agricultural Water Reuse – Impediments and Incentives”

· May 2014: Denver Water selected Bahman Sheikh to provide supporting documentation and materials for a change in Colorado standards for safe use of reclaimed water for irrigation of food crops.  Sheikh completed a White Paper “Recycled Water for Irrigation of Edible Crops” in November 2015 .

· January 2014:  Sheikh led a UN-FAO-sponsored tour of water recycling facilities in the United States for a group of officials from the Ministry of Agriculture of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

· At its 28th Symposium, WateReuse Association honored Bahman Sheikh by declaring him Honorary Lifetime Member of the Association on September 16, 2013.

· Bahman Sheikh was selected by WateReuse Research Foundation to create an Internet-based Clearinghouse of published matreial on public acceptance of recycled water and desalination,  11/1/2012.

· Prepared guideline documents for Jaipur, Pune and Faridabad (India) for efficient use of water as part of a USAID team assisting the municipal governments to help solve water scarcity issues, 10/10/2012.

· Joined the Joint Venture of Kennedy Jenks/Bahman Sheikh/WRE, which won a six-year consulting assignment with the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission  for planning a recycled water system for the eastside of the City, 3/2011.

· Was awarded a Certificate of Appreciation by San Diego County Water authority and the San Diego Chapter of WateReuse Association for training over 700 recycled water site supervisors in the County from December 2007 to May 2011. 5/19/2011.

· Inspected and reviewed five candidate sites at different towns in Jordan for selection of a pilot water reuse project by USAID and the Government of Jordan through a subcontract with AECOM Jordan, 4/2011.

· Completed final report on the Terra Linda Recycled Water Demonstration Garden for Marin Municipal Water District, 6/2010.

· Completed White Paper on Graywater jointly for WateReuse Association, Water Environment Association and American Water Works Association, 3/2010

· Appointed Senior Advisor to the Prince Khaled bin Sultan Water Research Chair recently endowed at the Civil Engineering Department of King Saud University in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 1/2009 (

· Prepared revised water recycling criteria recommendations for Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research, 8/2008

· Was selected to conduct all recycled water site supervisor training workshops for San Diego County Water Authority, 12/07 to 12/2010

· Was appointed Distinguished Fellow, Center for Integrated Water Research, University of California, Santa Cruz (appointed 08/07, reappointed 07/2010)

· Led a multi-organization Research project on Filter Loading Rates and the Quality of Recycled Water for Monterey Regional Water Pollution Control Agency, (completed in December 2008)

· Peer Reviewed the environmental components of Australia’s National Guidelines for Water Recycling, for the Department of Environment and Heritage, 11/2006

· Prepared Site Supervisor Training Manual for Users of Recycled Water for WateReuse Association.  Copies of this manual are available from WateReuse Association (, 9/06



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Bahman Sheikh’s professional experience and expertise in water reclamation, recycling, and reuse spans a  wide range of clients in the public and private sectors.  Dr. Sheikh has worked in many arid and semi-arid regions of the world, creating water resources management plans, developing water use efficiency measures, and advising on a wide variety of uses of recycled water.  Recent presentations and publications of Dr. Sheikh reflect the depth and breadth of his water reuse experience, spanning a variety of issues faced by agencies, e.g.:

· Master planning for long-range region-wide water recycling programs;

· Setting attainable water reuse goals and objectives;

· Resolving impacts of salts on golf course greens and other sensitive landscape plants and agricultural crops;

· Responding to concerns about public health issues in water reuse;

· Water quality for agriculture, landscape, industry, groundwater recharge, and potable reuse;

· Legislative and regulatory issues of water recycling;

· Economics, funding, financing, rebates, grants and low-interest loans;

· Resolving issues facing new customers of reclaimed water;

· Public acceptance of new water reuse projects with informational tools and targeted outreach;

· Facilitating negotiations among agencies working toward implementation of new water reuse projects;

· Analyzing and recommending revised water reuse standards, agreements, and institutional re-arrangements;

· Planning and leading research projects into the technical intricacies of producing recycled water.